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Food Rescue

Only 47% of foodstuffs and meals we procure get consumed. Tonnes of these end up at the dumpsites and landfill sites. A conscious reduction associated with this large scale food wastage has a significant benefit for the environment. This is done through FOOD Rescue programme in various countries.

The benefits of food rescue program is avoidance of tonnes of Green House Gas emission

(CO2-eq) on water consumption and savings of landfill air-space. It has been estimated that for every kilogram of food rescued leads to avoidance of 2 kg of greenhouse (kg CO2-eq) emissions, and avoidance of 143 litres of water consumed. Food rescue programme avoids the environmental impacts of producing a second meal.

Timothy Fasheun Group: Food Rescue Programme facilitates collection of surplus ready-to-eat meals and food stuffs from  function centres, hotels, food wholesalers retailers restaurants, food markets, etc and distributed to charities at no cost to the food donor or the recipient . We connect food donors with charities.